Frequently Asked Questions

Five answers to five of our most common questions. We hope they help but if you need a little more assistance just pick-up the phone or drop us a line.


I have a Mac and Problems, Can you help?

Despite all the Mac VS PC advertising, Macs and PC have a lot in common, like everything but operating system preinstalled on them, and even that's not always true. Big or small, fast or slow, mac or pc, We can help, tell us your problems and we'll make them go away.​


We have network issues, lots, HELP!?!?​

Lots of network issues stem from a single failure on the network, a chatty network card, a misconfigured DNS server, a DHCP scope that's too small, or even a simple network switch that just needs replacing. Although some of those problem can't be fixed by a quick restart, sometimes, they can and because the little downtime a restart costs, its always a good starting point. If things dont resolve from a restart we can help you properly diagnose and resolve, whatever the problem may be.​


Online Backup?

​Though the concept may be a little scary at first, online backup has a lot of advantages. Consistent backup's, ​offsite security, detailed reporting, and multiple revisions just to name a few. We'll help you find the right online backup to best fit your needs, all the features you need at the very best price.​

Does a restart really help?

The solution to many computer problems is a quick restart. Services and Applications that start with your computer, programs that you use, and even programs that you've already closed use or have used memory (RAM) as a temporary space to store information. When programs close out they are supposed to do so neatly and tidily and remove all their information from RAM. Sadly this does not always happen and result is build-up of messy information that can lead to problems. A quick restart is all it takes to clean that all out and start fresh.​​ ​Additionally, it's easy to forget that some changes don't take affect till restart. A quick restart ensures the most up to date settings are being used.

I've restarted, what's next?

A quick scan with your anti-virus program is always a idea. Though we recommend our Managed Anti-virus, there are many options for anti-virus and most will let you know right away if you've picked-up something you don't want on the net. If you'd like to get anti-virus we'll get you the very best price, just let us know and get it for you right away.



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